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The turquoise in this jewelry can be from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Utah, Idaho, California, Nevada, and China; possibly other countries such as Africa and Chili.
Turquoise is spelled tourquoise and jewelry is spelled jewellery in other countries.
The stones may be natural, stabilized, blocked, or otherwise treated; to assure the lucky owner of the best possible appearance and durability.
The other stones that may be used used can be in either a solid cabochon or inlay style. The possibilities are many, including malachite, lapis, denim lapis, pink mussel shell, black onyx, jett, mother of pearl, gaspeite, charolite, sugilite, spelling [variation sugulite], coral, opal, amethyst, and spiny oyster.
Zuni artists traditionally have used only 4 colors in their inlaid precise geometric patterns; red [coral], black [onyx or jett], blue [turquoise], white [mother of pearl].
Some of the younger Zuni artists have added other colors; green [malachite], dark blue [lapis lazuli], yellow orange [spiny oyster], and other colors are chosen.
We display and sell opal amethyst, amber, peridot, topaz, and garnets in indian jewelry. Some of these stones are man made such as the opals, some of the amethysts, and the amber lite.
Not all stones! To be sure indian jewelry has other than stones. A bear claw, coyote claw, porcupine claw, horse hair, and various hides pelts, and feathers are used.
The Navajo artists are many, very talented, and varied in their endeavors. These artists do inlay that is much more random in patterns and color combinations, these color combinations are usually unique to each piece of jewelry.
The mountings are Sterling Silver, and most  will be marked sterling silver or 92.5, which is the US required percentage of silver, in any item, or in the Indian jewelry; this will certify an item as Sterling silver. Some very thin, light weight, pieces may not be marked.
The styles may be Navajo, Zuni, or Hopi. Hopi artists normally do not use stones in their jewelry.
The indian jewelry is commonly signed or hallmarked by the artist, however some of the indian jewelry made on the reservations may not be so marked. This doesn't mean it is not authentic!
There are  indian jewelry making artists, from other tribes, that make southwestern style jewelry, in the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni styles, and of course their own indian jewelry and southwestern jewelry styles that are developed by those artists.
This web site  includes southwestern turquoise, Mexican turquoise, i.e. New Mine; Chinese turquoise, also from United States mines, such as Sleeping Beauty, Manassa, Dry Creek, White Buffalo, Hitachi, Bisbee, Turquoise Mountain, Kingman, plus too many more to list. The colors of turquoise in indian jewelry range from brown green [Nevada or Chinese] to  bright blue [Sleeping Beauty or New Mine] The matrix colors are usually golden brown to black, some times with 'gold' flecks [fools gold = iron pirates]
The turquoise from the various mines are usually identified by their color and matrix pattern characteristics, however, there can be turquoise from different mines & have the same colors, etc.
The descriptions and mine indication descriptions used on this page are derived from the personal knowledge of the owners of Indian Jewelry Information

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